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Posted on Oct 7, 2020

Pacific-Tier Communications LLC

Working on a large project developing a decision support system, operational support system, and architecture for a large city government in Africa. The base operational systems are supporting water management, with other city and external workflow process and data sharing integrations. The project outcomes and beneficiary systems will also have an open integration model to allow both cross agency systems integrations and workflow automations, as well as integration of RPA and AI in developing a very large implementation of IoT devices, edge computing models, direct machine - to - machine process integrations and process automations to support city and regional water management. This is both exciting and a lot of fun - with a very powerful short and long term benefit to the city and citizens.

The autumn migrations have started in California. One of our favorites, the Sandhill Cranes, are starting to take up their winter residences after a long flight from the arctic regions of Northern Canada.
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